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Li Shi chuckled. “Taking a long term view for investments is only for ordinary people. That’s because ordinary people have limited information and can’t predict what’s going to happen in the near future. Therefore, short term investment meant trying your luck.”

“However, is Boss Pei an ordinary person?”

“Boss Pei would definitely be able to see the information that we can’t, he definitely knows some insider information about the Cold-Faced Lady. He would definitely be able to make a decision about entering or exiting investments after obtaining enough information.”

“At least this time, Boss Pei’s sell off of Cold-Faced Lady’s shares has given us a very clear message: Cold-Faced Lady is not suitable for long term investment. In fact, problems might be exposed within a short period of time!”

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“Otherwise, why would Boss Pei sell so quickly?”

Xue Zhebin nodded. “Yes, that makes sense! How’s the sales going?”

Li Shi sipped his tea and said slowly, “The transaction should have been completed. It has only been a short time, but the situation is more complicated. The investors have different reactions.”

“If it was someone like us who had absolute faith in Boss Pei’s investment myths, they would definitely not take over these shares and would instead, adopt a wait-and-see approach.”

“However, Cold-Faced Lady is in Beijing, and Meng Chang has been active in Beijing as well. There are many investors in Beijing who don’t believe in Boss Pei as much as we do. They think that Lady Cold Face is a good investment project. It’s a good opportunity to buy at a low price.”

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“Of course, there are also many people who doubt the Cold-Faced Lady and decide to continue watching.”

“Meng Chang deserved it.”

“When the Cold Faced Lady brand was first established, he had been showing off as a project that Tengda’s Boss Pei had invested in. That was because the success rate of the project that Boss Pei had invested in was extremely high. By forcing a link, he could give others the feeling that the success rate of this project was very high because Boss Pei had invested in it.”

“However, Meng Chang probably did not expect Boss Pei to be so resolute and merciless in selling all his shares.”