Welfare lottery online make money

Welfare lottery online make money

“What’s more valuable is that the downloadable content of the downloadable content was added to the original standalone gameplay. The potential of these two games was immediately activated, and old gamers found new joy! What’s more, Tengda’s new game’s Easter egg was buried in the game this time. That gave them even more reason to purchase it!”

“That’s why I said that Tengda Games is a model of sincerity in creating a win-win situation.”

“If it were any other company, the old game would have left it to fend for itself. Players would have no choice but to leave the game in the game library to eat dust.

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“However, Tengda is different. They are willing to update their old games every once in a while. On the one hand, they show a strong sense of responsibility so that gamers would think that Tengda would not give up on any game. On the other hand, they would use interesting gameplay and Easter eggs to link all the old games together, turning them into a part of Tengda Games’ empire. They would give the game for free and then sell the downloadable content, that way they would reap good sales and profits.”

“To be honest, this kind of sincerity is not something difficult to achieve. However, most companies are unwilling to do it because they feel that there is no profit to be made. Yet, Tengda is doing the opposite. It is enough to see how unique this company is!”

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“Forget it, I’ll buy these two downloadable contents first as a salute to the company!”

Pei Qian looked at the long review, and his expression became blank.

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Make them free to sell more downloadable content?

Don’t mess with me, I didn’t mean that at all!

If the system had not stipulated that new products had to be priced, would you believe that I would give all the downloadable content free of charge?

Pei Qian had thought that the worst case scenario would be earning some reputation. He had not expected so many gamers to be willing to pay for it!

In fact, the proportion of gamers who were paying to buy the downloadable content was not high. However, both games were now free of charge. Too many people had downloaded and played them before. That was why so many people were willing to buy a downloadable content that could activate new gameplay!

“There’s no time to lose. We have to spend this money as soon as possible.”

“Should I make a trip to Dream Realization Ventures?”

Pei Qian felt terrible at the thought of earning money again.

There were still two months to settlement but these two downloadable content would continue to make money.

What should he do with this sum of money? He had to plan ahead.

After some thought, Pei Qian decided to make a trip to Dream Realization Ventures.

He should be able to roughly determine if the first batch of companies that he had invested in were going to be profitable or not. He should sell those that were profitable quickly, and he should invest more in those that were not profitable. That way he should be able to spend all this unexpected wealth.