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No one knew how the gamers would find the game after finding out what it was really like either.

Recently, Hu Xianbin had been so worried that he lost a lot of weight. As the person in charge of Struggle, he was the most uncertain.

Until now, Tengda Games had been an invincible legend. Every game that it released had reaped both profits and fame. If he single-handedly ruined such a reputable brand, wouldn’t he be blamed by everyone in the company?

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Of course, Boss Pei had interfered much more in the production of Struggle than any other game.

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Still, if the project failed, no one would blame Boss Pei.

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In fact, since Boss Pei had already given him so many additional instructions, if Hu Xianbin failed to deliver; he would only be more certain that the problem lay with him.

Realizing that Hu Xianbin looked extremely worried, Li Yada sat beside him.

“What’s the matter? Are you worried about the new game’s release?”

Hu Xianbin nodded. “That’s right. I really don’t know whether this game will succeed or not! What’s more, I feel like the promotional campaign would backfire...”

Li Yada smiled. “What a coincidence. Do you know about Game Designer? Before it was released, Lu Mingliang was as worried as you are now because everyone could not find the motivation to continue playing the game after playing it once.

“After that, Brother Bao raised one point of view: we might think that the game’s not fun because we were too involved in the game’s production. We already knew its plot, and we knew the consequences of every single choice like the back of our hands. Since we had been bombarded with spoilers from the beginning, we could not fully experience every detail of the game.

“However, the game would be very special to outsiders.

“He said that it was an attempt by Boss Pei to be non-mainstream. He could either have been called a god, or he could have failed miserably. Boss Pei had used that game to express his own thoughts, and as a piece of work way ahead of its time, the game could either have succeeded or failed.

“Even if it did, the failure would not be ours or Boss Pei’s. It would have been just that the game industry was not mature enough to accept such a futuristic concept.

“What happened after Game Designer was released validated what Brother Bao had said. The games market and gamers of our time can match up to good games!

“The market seems impetuous now, but we should have faith in Boss Pei and the gamers!”

After listening to Li Yada, Hu Xianbin relaxed considerably. When Game Designer was released, he had not joined Tengda yet. That was why he did not know about any of this.

Now, hearing that his senior, Lu Mingliang, had experienced the same struggle and internal conflict that he was going through but ultimately achieved success, Hu Xianbin felt more confident.

He said, “Let’s quickly ask Brother Bao to play Struggle as an outsider, then! He can help us to analyze the game!