Online part-time money is not reliable

Online part-time money is not reliable

Xia Jiang was extremely touched. “Boss Pei, thank you for hosting us!

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“We will make the necessary preparations tonight after we return to the hotel. Can we start the interview officially tomorrow morning?”

Pei Qian shook his head and replied, “No, no, no. I have other arrangements for you guys tomorrow.”

“I will host you guys over at the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe tomorrow morning. How can you not play some games when interviewing a games company?

“In the afternoon, we will continue to enjoy Jingzhou’s beautiful scenery. Jingzhou’s rich land fosters many talents, and our city is as pretty as a picture. How can one evening be enough to see it all? You guys have to experience more of it!

“You guys can have a good rest tonight and tomorrow night. After all, you must be tired after all the traveling. We have ample time. Do not be so nervous. We can officially start the interview two days later in the morning.”

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Xia Jiang was stunned. “Huh? Boss Pei, that’s not very appropriate, isn’t it?”

Pei Qian smiled and shook his head. “How is that not appropriate? Aren’t we all working towards creating a good interview? A guest should suit the convenience of the host. Do not worry. Just follow my arrangements, and we’ll be fine.”

October 18th…

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In the morning, Xia Jiang and the others were surfing the internet and drinking their coffees at the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. They were both shocked and surprised by the cafe’s new operating model.

After all, the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes were only located in Jingzhou City and had yet to be spread to other cities.

In the evening, the crowd had another half-day tour of Jingzhou City and toured the remaining places of interest.

At night, Boss Pei arranged for everyone to have dinner at Swan Lake Restaurant.

The reason Boss Pei gave as to why they did not head over to the unnamed restaurant was that they had no more reservations.

Swan Lake Restaurant was a buffet restaurant. Although the environment was still high-class and there was still a huge variety of food, Xia Jiang could sense that the restaurant was much more inferior as compared to the nameless restaurant!

The difference could be felt from the ingredients, chef’s skills, dining environment, services, and other aspects. However, if she had to pinpoint exactly where the differences were, she would not be able to do it.