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He forced Huang Sibo to buy a new tablet computer under the pretext of ‘raising productivity’. He also compelled the two female receptionists to buy a few beautiful dresses, claiming that they would ‘elevate the company’s image’.

Some other things were included in this spending spree as well. As long as he saw that his employees expressed even an inkling of desire, he would immediately come up with a reason and order the purchase!

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Some special cases where Pei Qian really couldn’t find a justification—for example, a male employee wanted to buy a handbag for his girlfriend. He made them change an item just so he could think of something to say.

After walking one round in the mall, Pei Qian was quite pleased.

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En, everyone had more or less spent their money!

After doing a check, five hundred and thirty thousand yuan in the System Funds had been spent today after Pei Qian’s coercion and manipulation—through giving out salaries, bonuses, and shopping cards. The System Funds originally had one million one hundred thousand yuan in it.

Five hundred and seventy thousand yuan were left.

“En, I can only rely on myself for the rest…”

Pei Qian knew that his employees had already tried their best. As for the last seventy thousand, he had to expend them personally.

After spending this seventy thousand, every extra one cent spent could be converted into personal wealth at a one-is-to-one rate!

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This was the last leg of this long expedition; he needed to finish this in one fell swoop!

Pei Qian first came to a high-class suit boutique store and purposely avoided Jesse who had come here to buy something just now.

However, he soon left quietly.

The system had rejected the purchase. Pei Qian had probably bought too many suits the previous time, and the system thought that he did not have the ability to continue spending.

After that, Pei Qian went to a Rolex shop, wanting to buy a watch.

This time, the system did not directly reject him.

However, Pei Qian started from the most expensive watch that cost more than two hundred thousand yuan and worked his way down; the system finally only permitted him to buy the most entry-level model that cost forty thousand!