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In the end, the bullet screen comments of both competitions could no longer be seen.

Pei Qian was speechless. However, he saw a string of question marks floating across the screen just as he was about to close the bullet screen.


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“The FV is so hard headed? They are giving up Chaos Misfortune?”

“The four rounds in the group stage have all been played badly. Why are you still playing?”

“Could it be that FV Club doesn’t know how sick this hero is because they did not go through mock competition? That’s not right. Even if they did not play mock competitions, they should have at least watched the group stages, right?”

“I understand now. Maybe FV thinks that since it was 3: 0 anyway, they could still find an excuse to give up Chaos Misfortune, to make it seem like they did not lose because they were noobs but because of the BP problem. This wave, this FV is on the fifth level!”

“You can turn off the live-stream now. Go have breakfast and come back to watch the second game in 30 minutes!”

“I really have to give it to you, FV!”

“I’ve already read the following script. Chaos Misfortune will grow up and emerge in twenty minutes and end the competition in three waves.”

“Who is the coach of FV Club? He can even think of such a tactic. Is his brain flooded with water? Or is his accommodation in Los Angeles too good? Is his brain rusty?”

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“Coach seems to be... Old Zhou? Holy sh*t, isn’t that the original support player of DGE Club?”

“Huh? Someone who played GOG came over to be the head coach? That’s f*cking ridiculous. No wonder he played Chaos Misfortune! He’s not playing GOG, brother!”

Previously, a few groups of people had been arguing non-stop in the bullet screen comments were repeatedly attacking each other, just like a battle royale. However, after the BAN ended and CEM directly snatched the hero, ‘Chaos Misfortune’, the comments on the bullet screen content immediately unified.

All of them were criticizing FV Club!

It was only then that many people noticed that the coach on stage was Zhou Pengyuan.