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A realization dawned on Rui Yuchen. “Oh, so that’s it!”

Lin Canrong continued speaking. “That’s why I planned to send chefs to the Gourmet Laboratory regularly. They will try out new cooking methods and new dishes, and your nutritionist and professionals can help to give their feedback.”

Rui Yuchen nodded decisively. “Of course, I would love that! If you discover new dishes, we would be able to use them as well. It could even inspire those working at the laboratory!”

Lin Canrong could not help but feel emotional. Boss Pei always had the clearest view of the problem!

Before this, Lin Canrong had been throwing a minor tantrum. Why should Fish-Catching Take-Out be allowed to rapidly expand despite incurring losses? Why should Ming Yun Private Kitchen remain stagnant despite generating profits for so long?

Was Boss Pei biased? Now, it was clear that Lin Canrong had misunderstood Boss Pei.

Boss Pei was emphasizing the fact that Ming Yun Private Kitchen and Fish-Catching Take-Out were both important food and beverage businesses in Tengda Corporation’s plan. Thus, they should work together without being calculative!

June 4th, Saturday...

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At the Management Trainees’ regular meeting...

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Obviously, the Management Trainees had become used to the work that Boss Pei had assigned them. Everything from gathering information to reporting to Boss Pei came naturally to them. They were practically professionals.

“The three new buildings for Sloth Apartments are being designed. Mr. Liang Qingfan seems to be designing the floor plans while in seclusion.”

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Pei Qian nodded. He already knew about this, and so he did not pay much attention to this update.

The Management Trainee system’s main function was to keep Pei Qian in control of various departments’ daily operations and the potential to generate profits. However, it was obviously not a panacea.

For instance, Pei Qian could personally keep an eye on projects that had just started out. That meant the Management Trainees would know even less than Pei Qian himself did.

On top of that, the Management Trainees could only gather information during working hours. They would not know about whatever the department heads did in private.