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“Not that… I’m talking ‘bout how it doesn’t feel real that I’m goin’ out with you. You’re so smart, and yet you totally miss the mark about this kinda stuff, huh?”

Kei and I had started dating as of spring break this year.

Even though several months had already passed, we still hadn’t gone on any real dates together. A normal high school couple would walk to and from school or hang out together after class every day, but due to the fact that we were hiding our relationship, our dates happened far less frequently than other couples.

Even when the two of us managed to find the time to be alone together, we had no choice but to meet up in secret like this.

It seemed fair to say that opportunities to develop our relationship were truly few and far between.

“How about you, Kiyotaka? Does it feel real to you?”

“Well, I wonder. I’d say it does and it doesn’t.”

“The heck?”

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That Kei and I had become boyfriend and girlfriend was an unshakable fact.

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However, there still hadn’t been any visible developments in our relationship.

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“I just never imagined that the two of us would get to meet up in secret outside like this.”

“Well, I guess.”

Kei let out a sigh as she gazed upon the distant horizon.

“Depending on what we’re told about the special exam in the upcoming briefing session, there might be a few things I’ll need you to do for me.”

“Alright. Only if it’s something I’m capable of though.”

Telling her this had been my primary motive for calling her out here in the first place. That said, since we were free to use our cell phones until the end of the day today, it would’ve been easier to convey the necessary details over the phone instead. Essentially, there was no need for me to go out of my way to risk meeting up like this. Physically meeting up together just because we’re dating was truly a different, interesting experience.