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To that, I hugged my shivering body and answered with a pale face.

“No, no, I’m already trembling from just thinking about it. After that, whether it’s the ensuring silence or the awkward dinner time, and the train home where none of us made eye contact, …everything is hell.”

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“I can’t believe that’s how you’re describing your first kiss!”

“My first kiss already doesn’t taste like tangerine. It’s literally a bitter gourd.”

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“At this point, Hoshinomori’s love story is just so tragic.”

“No, no, my tragic love story started a long time ago.”

“Ouch, that’s the most pathetic and depressing retort in our high school life! It’s too upsetting!”

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“Ho, ..but please relax, Uehara-kun.”

“Hmm? Relax what?”

Uehara-kun’s a bit confused.

-I declared to him proudly!

“It’s not just me- Keita and Karen-san’s love stories are just as tragic now!”

“You’re literally a terrorist in this love story! Thanks to you, the sea of flowers just turned into a barren and burnt wasteland!”

‘This is all because of my ‘zenpai’ attribute…”

“Hey, wait. You just let fate take all the blame, right? Right?”