Those investment make money, beautiful girls

Those investment make money, beautiful girls

He might not be very satisfied with Lu Mingliang’s efforts to reduce losses but this was human nature after all. The overall losses were increasing even though the losses of every shop were reduced on average. That was not bad!

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“Very good, very good. Keep it up.” Pei Qian was very satisfied.

Lu Mingliang was completely relieved Seeing Boss Pei’s appreciative expression.

Boss Pei might have said from the beginning that Upwind Courier stations were set up and did not care about short-term profits, but they had been incurring losses for almost two years. The amount of money they had incurred was hard to count.

Would Boss Pei lose his patience and change his mind?

Now, it seemed like his worries were unnecessary.

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This made Lu Mingliang feel much more at ease. At the same time, he took the opportunity to suggest something.

“Boss Pei, I think the time is ripe. We can start taking over the regular delivery business and start making profits.”

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Lu Mingliang paused for a moment and continued, “At the moment, we already have 4,000 Upwind Courier stations. You have to know that some local express delivery companies only have about 2,000 plus points in the country. We have already surpassed them in terms of numbers.”

“Upwind Logistics will continue to incur losses like this and can only rely on the transfusions of other industries. This is not a long-term plan. We have to further reduce losses and increase profits in order to develop better.”

“Therefore, I think we should start preparing for the regular delivery business across cities and snatch the profits from other delivery companies!”

Upwind Logistics had been doing the dirty work that other express delivery companies were most unwilling to do.