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(This is about as long… as I can maintain consciousness…)

In the fading consciousness, I mustered my last bit of strength and held up『three』fingers.

「Aa…? What’s that?」

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「Three times… This is the first time… I’ve cut you『three times』!」

「Haa, what the hell are you so proud of for simply scratching my skin.」

「Up until now…『one time』was the limit, so… What do you think…? I’ve gotten a little stronger, haven’t I?」

「Aa? Let’s see… you’ve grown up to at least the level of a tiny bug.」

「Fuu, whatever… Well, just wait and see. I’ll definitely overtake you soon.」

Everything begins with each small step, after all.

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「Fuu, I’ll give you a small hint in honor of that useless effort. This darkness is mine, and at the same time, it is not. Do your best to think about the meaning of these words!」

Zeon’s Black Sword came down on me.

「Ka, ha…」

And my vision went blank.

Then my consciousness returned to the real world.

After finishing the soul dress class during the first and second period, I went to the student council room with Ria and Rose.