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After all, the in-charge of Tengda’s various departments were best at imaginations.

He would definitely want to get rid of all of them, but if he got rid of one every now and then, he would definitely miss out on some.

Now that they were all gathered together, the person who with the most detailed, most comprehensive, and most deviated understanding from the Tengda spirit was definitely the culprit!

What’s more, Pei Qian felt that the culprit would definitely not let go of this opportunity to claim credit. If he were to add fuel to the fire with the enticing conditions of a paid leave, he would definitely be able to find more than one mole!

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Who would take the bait now that the hook was out, ?

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Pei Qian’s smile widened.

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The department heads looked at each other, but no one spoke.

A few people subconsciously looked at Hao Yun, but she also shook her head slightly. Thus, everyone remained silent.

The people in charge had different considerations, but there were three main reasons.

First, most department heads felt that they were not worthy.

Many people knew that Wu Bin had summarized the Tengda spirit. Everyone else had benefited from it.

It was not appropriate to jump out at this time to take Wu Bin’s credit!

Everyone was reputable and had a bottom line. If they jumped out now, they would not be able to face the HR department in the future.

That was why many department heads looked at Hao Yun. Only the HR department had the right to accept the reward.

However, Hao Yun also felt a little embarrassed. That was because the credit belonged to Wu Bin. How could she claim it? If she emphasized that it was Wu Bin’s credit, that would not be in line with Wu Bin’s intentions.

That was because Wu Bin had repeatedly emphasized that his interpretation of the Tengda spirit was one-sided and incomplete. The Tengda spirit mainly relied on enlightenment. He did not want to take credit for it. Otherwise, he would not have remained so low-profile until now.

Hao Yun knew that Wu Bin did not want to stand out. It would be even more difficult for her and the other department heads to covet Wu Bin’s credit. Thus, everyone fell silent.

Second, a week of paid leave was not that tempting.

Every department had a development plan. It might affect the work plan no matter whether the entire department took a paid leave or the person-in-charge took a paid leave for a week.