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The spot for this plaintive scene is in the wedding banquet hall of a hotel, several years after our Otobuki Highschool life was over when we parted ways- or not.

The living room of Hoshinomori’s Home, a while since the beginning of the summer holiday.

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Under an atmosphere akin to Finnegans Wake, five people surrounded a table. A Game of Life board is at the center of the table.

The cicadas are calling outside the window. The AC in Hoshinomori’s home seems to have sensed the dense atmosphere and automatically switched on, and cool breezes descended among us.

I grabbed my wheat tea and poured it into my mouth, the ice cubes are bumping and clanging each other as I re-evaluated the situation.

The living room, afternoon. Amano and Aguri are sitting shoulder-to-shoulder at the longer side of the table near the window. Tendou and I sat opposite them. Hoshinomori, the owner of the house, sat on the shorter side.

“…Bruh, why did we assign the couples to diagonal seats? This is already a big problem.”

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Usually, Aguri and I should be a pair with Amano and Tendou on the other side, or it’s boys against girls. However, when we arrived at Hoshinomori’s home, we behaved just like the same as all of us would, because we all exhausted our minds to try and figure out a strategy for proper seats. In the end, we got a result that none of us wished for, as you can see here.

However, I’m not giving up yet. That’s because…

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I put my cup of wheat tea on the table with a “clang” sound.

Then, I forced a smile and tried to save the awkward situation.

“A-Alright, let’s continue and play this – Sweet Sweet Game of Half-Life!”

If there’s a misunderstanding, the best way to solve this is to gather every relevant person together.

I, Tasuku Uehara, had realized this truth a long time ago.

The problem is, it’s not easy to group these five people together.