Do you make money from online selling resources?

Do you make money from online selling resources?

“Uh, well, sorry. …I-I guess that’s true. Hmm. Uh…”

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Uehara-kun kept looking between Tendou-san and me like he wanted to say something. For some reason, even Aguri-san showed a baffled look too.

However, Chiaki sat next to me while ignoring those two and continued chatting with me.

“After that, how did Keita set up your team? It’s the new sequel of < Dragon Blood Tree Maze >!”

“Ah, I’m going with the meta: < Holy Knight >, < Swordsman >, < Ranger >, < Fortune Teller >, and < Medic >. These five!”

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“Right, that’s the same as me! Hoho, we’re really similar.”


Chiaki and I are talking about the game passionately. We’re smiling at each other extremely closely. Hiya, a conversation between gaming buddies always sends warmth to my heart. …But, for some reason, Aguri-san and Uehara-kun kept looking at us while sweating.

Chiaki and I pressed on.

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“How’s your progress, Keita? I’m at the second level only…”

“Ah, I spent 10 hours to get to the second level too. It’s because I’m the type that levels up while moving forward in RPGs.”

“Right, right, me too! You can only feel that you’re finally ready after getting all of the strongest gears, not to mention exploring the entire map!”

“I get it! You have to be ready perfectly in RPGs, Chiaki!”




The two gaming buddies here even started high-fiving.