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“Everyone can think about the meaning behind them.

“[1] Why is the game divided into the poor and the rich versions, priced separately, and stipulated that the purchases could not be discounted together?

“On the one hand, pricing itself is a kind of art—to emphasize that there was no second chance in life for example. We can choose in games, but we cannot choose our old lives. On the other hand, the poor are encouraged to buy the rich version. The producers encouraged the poor to buy the rich version so that they could truly substitute for each other’s living environment.

“In the game, the living environment of the poor and the rich are so different that they can no longer understand each other.

“The protagonist of the rich asked: ‘Why can’t the poor spend time with their children? Could they be busier than the President of a large company?’

“This is because the protagonist of the rich had never brought himself into the situation of the poor so it is impossible to understand why the poor at the bottom cannot control their own time...

“The protagonist of the poor believed that as long as you struggled, you will get a better life, learn from good people, and change the thinking of the poor. By then, you will be able to change your life.

“That was because the poor could only see the efforts advocated by the rich. However, they often overlooked the blessings provided by the massive resources behind the rich. Many rich people preach that ‘wealth beyond hard work is zero’ and that they started from scratch. The poor believed it, why? It is because the poor cannot have the rich people’s thinking, educational background, etc.—which benefited the rich.

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“The murderer thought that the rich man was a liar... because he originally believed in the rich and later realized that the rich only told part truth.

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“Therefore, this pricing strategy itself encouraged the poor and the rich to experience each other’s lives in the games, step out of their cognitive blind spots, and look at this issue from a more comprehensive perspective.

“This approach is to break the dimensional wall and use real-life decisions to determine your experience in the game. This approach can only be achieved by expressing this art in the game.

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“[2] Why use the English name Struggle?

“This is precisely the brilliance of language. If it is just to simply express the meaning, then ‘fight’ or ‘strive’ would obviously be better. These two words are more positive and in time with the original meaning.

“But the word ‘struggle’ not only means to fight or strive. Combined with the background story in English, it is easy to find the pun: the rich are striving while the poor are struggling.

“Looking back at the Chinese translation of the word ‘fighting’ after understanding it will add a layer of irony. You know that, even though it is all a struggle, the struggles of the rich and poor are hardly the same thing.

“The struggles of the rich are in the ethereal cloud. You can only fight if you fly up. If you don’t want to fight, you can lie down and roll. However, no matter how you struggle, you will still be in amongst the clouds...

“However, the struggle of the poor is always sinking into the quagmire, and hard work is just to prevent oneself from falling any deeper. Once they stop struggling, they will be swallowed by the quagmire.

“[3] Why are the characters in the game so lacking in individuality?