Many girls on the Internet have played money

Many girls on the Internet have played money

Then we divided the money we got from the Cosplay Cafe – “gin” – and quietly waited for the chime signaling the start of the festival.


As I exhaled loudly and controlled my breathing, Tessa tapped on my shoulder.

「Oi, Allen. Shall we compete and see who gets the most gin?」

「Sure, that sounds interesting.」

「Hehehe, I’m gonna make you cry!」

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At that moment, the chime rang.

It’s the start of the Thousand Blade Shadow Festival.

「Yoshaa! Let’s rampage!」

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The moment Tessa opened the classroom door, an ice lance pierced his abdomen.

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「Ga, ha!」

「「「Te, Tessa!? 」」」

He was struck by a powerful surprise attack and collapsed with his eyes turned to the back of his head.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult for him to continue the battle.

「Damnit… Who’s there?!」

When I rushed out of the classroom,

「T-This is…!」

A large number of seniors had surrounded Year 1 Class A.

It was not ten or twenty either.