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Latest online make money method QQ agent number

Boss Pei required them to produce 20,000 units. The cost per unit was less than 400 yuan, and they would sell for 488 yuan. If they were to sell all of them, they would be able to earn two million yuan easily!

Moreover, judging from how popular it was now, how could 20,000 units be able to last? It could probably only last for the first wave.

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They had to start making more now or risk not being able to fulfill the order.

In short, the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine was another great success!

Zhang Wang could not help but feel proud. “What did I say, my invention—together with Boss Ma’s judgment, Boss He’s operational power, and with Boss Pei injecting soul into it—would definitely be profitable!”

“Of course, the main credit has to go to Boss Pei. If Boss Pei did not inject the soul into it, then the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine would not be able to be reborn!

“What a pity that Boss Pei’s not here since we opened the champagne.”

He Desheng was also feeling emotional.

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He did not have a good feeling about the project at the beginning. He was very clear that Zhang Wang’s and Boss Ma’s brains were not wired in the same way as other humans. The Fully-Automated Bickering Machine was something that would have been a 100%!l(MISSING)oss.

However, the deciding factor was on Boss Pei!

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He remembered that Boss Pei decided in a very short time after he saw the sample of the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine to increase its production!

He Desheng then felt incredible.

However, thinking back, it was obvious that this plan formed in Boss Pei’s brain the moment his eyes fell onto this machine. He arranged everything after!

Boss Pei was really deep and unfathomable!

He Desheng was now completely convinced and felt happy wholeheartedly.