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These are not things that people commonly say while going down to the beach.

Going ashore and leaving the boat took longer than I thought. Probably because the teachers divided and compacted the students in two sides, and they were proceeding to check their luggage.

“Hey, strangely aren’t they being too guarded or, how should I say, careful? They should confiscate mobile phones during a test, not now. It looks like it’s even forbidden bringing too many personal items”

“Definitely. If people are only playing in the ocean, I also feel like they don’t really have to go to the extent of doing that”.

By the way, abaft there was a helicopter. Speaking of unnaturalness and strangeness, that one was unnatural too. Well, it is true that it was a little suspicious, but maybe I was thinking too much. If students brought a mobile phone to the sea, probably some of them will end up getting it wet or broken. Bringing extra personal things could also imply that all the garbage will pollute the beach. If someone suddenly fell ill, the helicopter’s dispatch could be useful and probably it wouldn’t be such an unlikely story to tell…right?

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Soon our turn will come, and we will get off the ramp after receiving a rigorous inspection.

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At that time, I didn’t realize yet this place was going to be the borderline between heaven and hell.

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Fierce words arrived from our homeroom teacher as we came leisurely chatting.

“From now on I will be calling the roll for class D. Students who have been called, please reply firmly.“

We were instructed to form a line at the same time as our teacher started checking the attendance for the class while simultaneously holding a surfboard in one hand.

Ms. Chabashira wore the same jersey as the students. Rather than summer vacation, the atmosphere was closer to training camp.

Still, there were no signs of tension in most students.