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“W-well, you’d be better off if I had an A in Academic Ability and all though… Would you really be okay with me?”

“If you’re really as strong as you say.”

With that, she traced her slender finger across Sudō’s chest, mesmerizing him with her bewitching appearance.

“I-I’m strong.”

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“You’re a confident guy, huh? I don’t hate that.”

“What exactly do you mean by ‘strong and powerful’?”

As the one in charge of supervising Sudō, Horikita expressed her uncertainty as to what Amasawa was referring to.

“It means what it means. I like strong guys who are good at fighting. That’s why I want to partner up with somebody who’s, like, nice and powerful.”

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“If that’s the case, then I think Sudō-kun will live up to your expectations. I can attest to his physical strength.”

“I won’t be convinced with just words alone~ I’ll have to make sure of it with my own eyes.”

“…With your own eyes?”

“I’m saying like, go gather up all of the strong guys in the second year and have ‘em, like, fight each other or something. Then I’ll come along and partner up with the one who wins.”

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“Are you joking? There’s no way we could do something like that.”

“Why not? I’ve been like, completely serious this whole time, alright?”

“Let’s go, Suzune. We’re wasting our time here.”

By now, Sudō didn’t think Amasawa was being serious either, so he cut in as well.