Can you learn something on the Internet?

Can you learn something on the Internet?


I cheered myself up and walked towards the lobby calmly, so-

“Look, that guy came to the lobby as well. Yeah, I won.”

“Seriously, Kaburagi won again, damn.”

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-My groupmates, who seem to have taken the elevator first, laughed as soon as they saw me. At this moment, …I’m finally breaking down.


I don’t know whether it’s anger or frustration, even I knew that my face is flaring up right now. However, that’s why I’m all the more unwilling to admit defeat. I want to stop my face from blushing but to no avail.

I stopped embarrassingly and started trembling. By all means, I don’t even know what I should do anymore. I feel like there’s nowhere in the world that I can go to.

(This is…too ridiculous…)

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Come to think of it, my brain knows it’s not that ridiculous. However, …my heart can’t cheer up right away. My heart is unwilling to cheer up.

I really don’t want them to see my “depressed” side. As a gamer, and as a casual player, I’m not going to provide that sort of terrible entertainment even if it meant my life. I’m really determined. But…

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Currently, I can’t even find something I can rely on to get up once again.

I…I can’t help it, …just as I’m about to give up and plop my head down directly to them-