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“The meaning of the game is to do your best to win.”

“The meaning of the game is to break through doubts and create impossible miracles.”

“World Submit, here we come!”

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In the final scene,all fifteen members of the three teams advanced together. They walked up the steps of the stage in the interior of the stadium with a throne at the top.

Zhao Xuming watched the promotional video several times and nodded slightly. “Yes, not bad.”

“It’s not easy to be able to complete it in such a short period of time and with such a high completion rate.”

The assistant smiled and said, “Of course. We spent a lot of money to find the best filming team in the country this time. You get what you pay for. The effect is guaranteed.”

The filming of the promotional video this time was tight and had a lot of work to do.

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It had only been a week from the qualifiers to the publicity film shooting and editing. Fortunately, the filming team was strong enough. They had only managed to complete it in time after working a lot of overtime to film and edit the scenes.

There was nothing they could do about that. They had to complete the promotional video as soon as possible and to warm up to the audience in advance. It would be too late if the promotional video was only released after the international competition began.

However, since the publicity film itself was short, many players only had two or three seconds to film. They completed the filming in two to three hours, so the effect was not bad.

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Zhao Xuming sighed. “We have to thank Tengda Corporation. Their publicity film for GOG’s international invitational tournament inspired us greatly.”