Is Internet WeChat make money reliable?

Is Internet WeChat make money reliable?

“That’s why I’m going to write a story with a humorous tone.

“I won’t make readers just feel good like they normally would. Instead, I will make them feel like God-in control of everything…”

As Cui Geng brainstormed, he quickly thought of a pretty good framework for the novel.

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It would be called The Butterfly Game.

He had not thought of a name for the protagonist yet. In any case, he would just be a tool.

The protagonist would be sitting at home one day, slacking. All of a sudden, a system would drop from above. A blue ball of light would smash him in his head and merge together with him.

The protagonist would subsequently realize that he could summon the light ball whenever he wanted. Through the light ball, he could even observe everything that was happening in a parallel world.

The light ball would contain a game called ‘The Butterfly Game’. The inspiration for that name came from ‘the butterfly effect’.

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The protagonist would not be the creator of that parallel world.

He would have certain powers in the game, but he would only be able to make relatively superficial changes in the parallel world. He would be just like a butterfly, gently fluttering its wings in the Amazon jungle.

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The aim of the game would be to cause the biggest effect on the people and things in the game through a chain reaction to these superficial changes.

At the end, the game would measure the effect caused by the protagonist and grade him. He would then be rewarded according to that grade.

As the cycle continued, the protagonist would get more and more powers, and his area of influence would increase.

Thus, the protagonist would keep causing butterfly effects. Many people would begin realizing their dreams in that world due to a freak combination of factors.

Cui Geng had even thought about how to write the first scene in the beginning.

He would start with an independent game designer, who would be destitute and dejected… but never gave up on his dreams.

Since this game designer would be destitute and dejected, he would create a very simple and stripped-down game. However, it would be filled with sincerity.