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However, the Manage Loss Management knew the business of Sloth Apartments very well, so it did not affect the report at all.

Up until now, Sloth Apartments had developed the 1.0 version ‘focus mode’ and 2.0 version ‘livable mode’ respectively. They had both achieved great success. All the apartments were filled with tenants.

In addition, Sloth Apartments naturally developed other profit models, such as working with furniture manufacturers to customize furniture, working with real estate developers to customize model rooms, and so on.

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The Sloth Apartments model could be said to be a huge success among young people.

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However, this did not affect Pei Qian’s use of Sloth Apartments to burn System Funds.

That was because the System had a special rule when it came to calculating funds. If Pei Qian spent a huge sum of money on buying buildings, they would only be calculated as Fixed Assets. Thus, as long as Pei Qian did not sell these buildings, he would incur losses during settlement.

What’s more, the System Funds would be doubled during this cycle. Pei Qian would have a lot of space to operate when it came to buying buildings.

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He had to prepare for the next stage of building purchases.

Pei Qian said to the Manage Loss Trainee, “I’ll briefly explain the next stage of the plan. You can start researching it first and make specific plans after Liang Qingfan returns.”

“This time, Sloth Apartments will leave Jingzhou and head towards the super first-tier cities. Do some reece and buy buildings in the remote areas of Beijing and Shanghai.”

Pei Qian had done some simple research on the relevant policies.

At the moment, Beijing and Shanghai did not have strict restrictions on purchasing property. They only had to pay additional tax. Therefore, it was much more expensive than an individual buying a house. What’s more, these properties had to be used for legal operations and pay relevant taxes.

Pei Qian had not intended to sell these houses in the first place. He had indeed wanted to do the rental business. Thus, it was completely in line with the rules.

Pei Qian had thought things through now. The Sloth Apartments were full anyway. Wouldn’t it be the same no matter where he bought now?

It should not be a problem as long as he did not buy houses in the heart of Beijing or Shanghai.

Of course, one might not be able to buy an entire building in the downtown area even if they wanted to. The model of Sloth Apartments was that one had to buy an entire building, otherwise it would be difficult to conduct a unified closed management.

That was because the quota this time was higher. They might have to buy a few buildings if they were to buy in Jingzhou or other second-tier cities. It would be more troublesome once the number increased.