Are the software that can make money can be true?

Are the software that can make money can be true?

Karen Tendou

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The three of us looked at Amano-kun and Chiaki-san shaking hands as we fell silent.

Kousei-kun didn’t say anything as he ended the call in shame. As for Konoha-san, she looked at her onee-chan and Amano-kun as if they’re unreachable.

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Then, I…

“…Yep, right…”

I made up my mind after seeing what those two did. Then, without bothering to consult Kousei-kun and Konoha-san, I quietly moved toward…Amano-kun and Chiaki-san.

The younger siblings froze since they didn’t expect this. I ignored them and stepped forward. Then, I came next to those two as they finished shaking their hands and greeted them with a smile.

“Amano-kun, Chiaki-san.”

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Both of them freaked out as they turned to me. I smiled at their startled look.

“Happy New Year, you two.”