What is the online dance make money?

What is the online dance make money?

Imagine it, Finger Games was coming on aggressively. Both sides were desperately lowering the discounts and were inseparable.

At that moment, Tengda suddenly spent tens of millions for nothing. How impressive would that be!

It would definitely scare Finger Games.

However, there was no chance now. The opponent had already decided to leave the battlefield. Who else could he give this quota to?

Of course, he could not waste it. If he really could not find a way to spend money in the end, he could use this method to forcefully spend the last ten million yuan.

However, it still felt a little boring.

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He had received bad news from the Zhongdian Chinese Network after that.

Ever since the development plan of Eternal Reincarnation was announced, the copyright development plan of the inspiration class could not help but spread.

During this period, a large number of authors entered the Zhongdian Chinese Network one after another. A large number of new authors appeared. Many authors who wrote well on other novel websites jumped over as well.

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That was because this copyright development plan had unwittingly achieved the effect of ‘spend a thousand pieces of gold to buy the bones’!

What was the most important to the authors?

The first in line was of course the readers. It was subscription and royalties. They had to provide for their families in order to continue writing.

However, there was something else that could not be underestimated. That was a higher, seemingly illusory copyright development!

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Copyright development was beyond subscription data for a book. That was because it was equivalent to making a story completely different from words to images.

Whether it was online dramas, comics, movies, or games, their performance and visibility would be much higher than pure words.