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This is dangerous. For some reason, I started to feel a bit annoyed. I guess you can call it arrogance, but… having become the best gamer in the world a few days ago, being challenged by someone like Amano-kun, who isn’t even good at games…

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When I noticed, I was smiling at him.

“Alright. Let’s do it, Amano-kun. I’ve also played a few games.”

I already regretted it, thinking “What a bad personality!”, but it was already too late.

To Amano-kun, who was happily smiling, I couldn’t just turn around and quit now.

Amano-kun’s house was completely different from the Misumi family’s house. It was an extremely normal two-story building, which was neither old nor new, and it was really the “typical middle class house”.

While he was telling me that no one else was home, I walked into the house, said “Sorry for the intrusion”, and then headed towards Amano-kun’s room, which was on the second floor.

As I walked up the stairs, which creaked every once in awhile, suddenly… even though I probably don’t have any experience being raised in a middle-class family, I felt extremely nostalgic.

“T-there’s not much, but thanks for coming.”

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While blushing like a girl, Amano-kun let me into his room, which was practically “THE room for a quiet boy”. There were lots of games and manga lying around, and although there were a few wires here and there, the room was mostly neat. It was a typical room that left a deep impression on me.

“(As I thought, when I’m with Amano-kun, I can understand what it means to be an <ordinary protagonist>.)”

While thinking these thoughts, he quickly put down his bag and sat on a cushion in front of the TV.

After doing something with his computer and the TV, he handed me a wireless controller. It looks like he hooked his computer up to the monitor.