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“Sigh, the IOI in the local server has already gone down the drain. I, a loyal old gamer, no longer have any hopes of it becoming popular. I didn’t expect it to become a hot search just because I saw it. Changing it to a low-priced area would indeed allow new gamers to enter the pit. What would happen to us old gamers who had been charged large sums of money?”

“F*ck, the skins that we bought yesterday are going to be depreciated? It would be best if they were cut in half at the waist, and at the worst, only one-third of its value would be left? I’m not asking you not to lower the price, but why are you lowering it so ruthlessly? Are you really not treating old players like humans?”

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“You’re so hard to please. You make it sound like you old gamers won’t benefit from the price reduction. You’ll be cheaper buying skins in the future.”

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“It’s said that the foreign websites have exploded. Many people are saying that Finger Games is unfair and that they are sucking up to local players.”

“They probably feel imbalanced.”

“That’s not all. GOG is cheap both domestically and overseas. If not for GOG, Finger Games would not have been criticized by so many people. However, there is a problem with this comparison...”

“Finger Games has finally figured it out. Hurry up and start the global finals! It’s not like Dayak Corporation doesn’t have money. Don’t continue to delay this competition. GOG’s first international invitational tournament was completed more than two months ago. GPL would be starting soon! Finger Games is really too slow!”

“Are there still clubs playing IOI in the country? I’m quite suspicious...”

“Yes, yes. I heard that the IOI branches of a few established clubs are still around. I heard that Long Yu Corporation will fork out a sum of money to support these people.”

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“I think these actions are a good thing. It’s obvious that IOI cannot defeat GOG. Not making any changes, would mean a slow death. They might as well take a gamble.”

“If they have the ability, unify the local server and the world server. Give all the heroes for free. The skins to be priced lower than GOG’s. Burn money to make leagues, promote, and even collect skins for games. Then, you can reward old gamers with exclusive skins or voucher compensation. No one will scold you then! Dayak Corporation is so rich. They should be more than happy to spend money on advertising. Now, you want to take money from the players’ pockets and ask them to support you. What the hell?”

“That’s right. If you want to expand your market share, you have to sell your own blood. Why are you sucking blood from old players?”

Players with different opinions were arguing online to no rest.

Pei Qian flipped through the comments online and could not help but worry for Finger Games.

“We didn’t hire fake reviewers to liven things up. Why are these gamers arguing?”

“The public opinion is not good. What should I do?”