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Ria said, peering closer to my face.

「Ahaha… I-I’ll try my best.」

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For some reason, she seems to think of me as a light eater.

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(But in reality, Ria is just a glutton.)

But I can’t say that to a teenage girl.

I know those subjects are delicate.

(For the time being, I’ll try my best not to worry Ria.)

We live together, so we can’t worry our partners too much.

Let’s increase the amount I eat little by little from today, and gradually make the stomach bigger.

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After that, we entered the main academy building, went straight through the long hallway, and opened the door of Year 1 Class A.

「Oh, Allen, Ria-san! Are both of you all right?」

「I was surprised because you left so suddenly yesterday.」