Where can I pick them up?

Where can I pick them up?

We lowered our heads as we apologized to each other…While you should treasure a person that you can share all things with, sometimes it’ll be more depressing…right.

Tendou-san ate her lunch silently for a while. After that, she seemed to have made up her mind and mumbled “Alright” before looking at me.

“I understand. I’ll just be the true Karen Tendou when I’m in the Hobby Club. Of course, I won’t immerse myself too much into it.”

Tendou-san’s determination…made me really excited. I can’t help but lean my body forward.

“Yes! I think that will be okay! After all, you’re already so attractive when you’re yourself! I’m in love with your serious side! Honestly, I really admire you, and also think that this side of you is adorable! That’s why I wanted everyone in the Game Hobby Club to know- Eh, Tendou-san?”

Once I snapped out of it, I found out that Tendou-san plopped her head down while trembling, her ears are as red as a tomato…Just as I’m thinking, her elegant dining etiquette had a 180-degree turn. She held her bento and start digging all the rice like a boy in a sports club that eats his lunch in the morning. Her cheeks are stuffed like a chipmunk, then she chugged all the tea down her throat along with everything in her mouth. After that…

“T-Thanks for the food!”

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She completely ignored her boyfriend, who was just halfway through his lunch. She stood up abruptly from the chair after she hastily packed everything up.

I can’t follow the rapidly evolving situation, so I just froze there…Then, Tendou-san fiercely glared at me with tears in her eyes.

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“Y-Y-Y-Y-You! Saying stuff like that in a closed room, w-w-what are you trying to pull off!”

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“Eh! W-Wait a minute, this whole luncheon operation was your idea…”

“Yes! Exactly! Then I’ll obviously be the one that pushes you over onto the bed, am I right!”