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"Oh please, the fight's already over".

"Sure, it's over for the 'boys'".

"Boys? Girls have nothing to do with this. Nagumo, that was the rule, right?".

"Yes, they have nothing to do with this. Nothing to do with my fight against Horikita-senpai, that is".

Fujimaki's expression turned grim upon hearing those cryptic words from Nagumo. He quietly observed Ishikura from the 3rd years' Class B from beside him.

"Now then.....next up I will be announcing the results of the girls' groups. The group in 1st place is the group led by 3rd year Class C's Ayase Natsu-san".

This time around, a portion of the girls start celebrating. The small group that's a part of the 3rd year Ayase's large group is the one built around Class C's Horikita and Kushida. They may have just won quite a lot of points for themselves. But after the joy comes the problem.

"Umm.....this is truly unfortunate but there is one small group that has fallen below the average".

Both the boys and the girls froze up at that announcement. The students who were celebrating also went silent.

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Everyone did their best in the special exam and worked hard to ensure they'd be above the average. However, the results can sometimes be cruel. This would mean someone's definitely going to be expelled.

The question is whether it's going to be a 1st year or a senior student, or perhaps both. There's no telling yet. The older Horikita looked at Nagumo as though he just realized something.

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As though he's trying to figure out the reason behind that constant warped smile on his face. But it's already too late.

"Firstly, I'll announce the lowest group...it's the group led by 3rd year Class B's Ikari Momoko-san".

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The boys all couldn't tell who was in that group at first. But they could hear screams coming from some of the girls and they start to realize who belongs to that group. The bottom large group has been decided. Now it all rests on which small group fell below the average.

In the worst case scenario, there could be expellees from all three years at once.

"Now, as for the group that fell below the average.....".

Silence fell upon the gymnasium almost as though we were in the midst of Zazen. Everyone, wanting to know the results as quickly as possible, focused on that man's mouth.

"Same as before, 3rd year---".

He read it out. And the gymnasium was divided into those who are starting to break out into a smile and those who are starting to get nervous.