Earn money on the Internet 2000

Earn money on the Internet 2000

“Is the hardware really good? How good can it be?”

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“Who knows? I think the internet cafe is overrated online. It would definitely be better than the internet cafe we often visit, but it can’t be that much better, right? Anyway, we’ll find out when we get there...”

There were a total of six members in the H4 team. They hailed two taxis and then arrived at Ming Yun Villas half an hour later. Since they had nothing to do during the journey, they enjoyed the scenery outside the window.

The biggest sense that they got was that it was really different from Shanghai!

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After all, Jingzhou was a second-tier city without the skyscrapers one could see in Shanghai. There were also no special-looking buildings like the Oriental Pearl Tower. As they looked around during the journey, they only saw ordinary city landscapes and nothing special.

That made all of them feel better about themselves. In fact, it made them all feel slightly superior.

That was because they had always heard about Jingzhou being a convenient city to live in, with internet cafes, take-out, and deliveries being easily within reach. In fact, some even said that Jingzhou was nicer to live in than Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou. That caused the H4 club to feel slightly indignant.

Now, from the looks of the situation, or at least in terms of the buildings; Shanghai was far better than Jingzhou.

The two cars stopped at Ming Yun Villas one by one. When they saw the wide and spacious villa, the first hint of admiration appeared on the team member’s faces.

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It looked much more impressive than the villa they were staying in on the outskirts of Shanghai!

However, they quickly recalled that land here was much cheaper. The cost of one villa in Shanghai was comparable to two over here. At once, they felt better again.

As H4’s Captain Pang Ling surveyed the villa in front of him, he realized that he had been in an inexplicable state of competition ever since he stepped onto Jingzhou soil.