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Feeling tired all of a sudden, I let out a sigh. I inadvertently turned around, and for the first time, I noticed that we were walking on the sidewalk right in front of a family restaurant.

“(Shit, was I seen by a customer?)”

No, far from just being seen, the customers sitting on the side facing the road would’ve probably heard the conversation. Even though I felt embarrassed from that possibility, I didn’t have to worry about the part of the restaurant I glanced at. The table I saw had a glass and a cup of coffee, but there was no one sitting there. Did they already go home, or did they go to the drink bar…? Either way, it seems like our exchange wasn’t seen.

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I let out a sigh of relief. While thinking about what I should from now on, I quickly left the restaurant.

Amano Keita

“… …D-did he leave? Hurry up, Amano-chi, look!”

“Wait, don’t rush me, Aguri-san! … …Oh, it looks like he left.”

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I peaked out from under the seats to check that Uehara-kun was leaving, and put my hand over my chest in relief.

]Aguri-san also peeked out from under the table to look outside.

We absentmindedly kneeled on the floor of the family restaurant for a short while. …And then.

“…D-dear customers?”