There are those who make money on online mining.

There are those who make money on online mining.

Take Chen Qi for example. While he was in charge of art and concept design for large scale domestic games and had quite a number of widely accepted original arts works, his Weibo followers was only around the range of hundreds of thousands.

For a similar post, the comments would mostly only be a couple of hundreds at best.

However, not all of Chen Qi’s Weibo friends were artists that were specialized in original arts for games.

Amongst his friends, there were veterans of the animation industry, famous creators of game companies or even some small-time actors and novelists et cetera.

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There was still some clout he had by advertising to these people.

Before long, the comments on his Weibo increased rapidly.

“This is a modification of characters from the three kingdoms? Looks great!”

“Is this the work of an overseas artist?”

“It’s a domestic artist!”

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“To think that even our domestic artists could create original arts with such an original style?!”

“Shocking! It feels so epic just looking at it!”

“The game’s called Ghost General? How come I’ve never heard of it?”

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“All of those mobile games are cartoonish in design. I’m so sick of them! This style is extremely refreshing!”

“Let’s check it out!”

The reception was unusually warm!