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After that, Ria and Rose braved through the haunted house despite falling for various tricks.

Ria grabbed my right hand, and Rose, my left. Both of them firmly grasped it and didn’t let go.

The only problem was that it was difficult to walk.

(And more importantly…)

The “soft” feeling on my arm from a while ago. I can’t help but worry about it.

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I tried to distance myself indirectly several times, but…

They never left.

As I walked down a narrow passage in such an indescribable situation, we came out to a place that was wide open.

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(This is definitely our destination.)

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Looking at the map, we are at the red x-mark on the map.

(But man, they really put a lot of work into this…)

The place looked like a temple.

There is a main temple in the center, and large statues placed on either side of it.

And right in front of the main temple was an offertory box and a pure white amulet adorning it.

It was probably the curse dispelling amulet for the curse.