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“Shiina? Ah, are you talking about Hiyori?”


She was one of the few people who I called by their first name.

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Of course, I also called Kei, Haruka, and Airi by their first names.

She should know this first hand.

However, it seemed like Kei didn’t expect me to have this kind of relationship with someone outside of our class.

“We’re pretty close, after all, we both like reading books. What about it?”

After saying that, Kei’s face changed color.

“Eh… so you’ve got the same interests huh… Reading books….hmm…hmmm. That’s completely different from me.”

Indeed, Kei and Hiyori had completely different personalities. She knew that herself.

“And so?”

“…Nothing, it’s just… Argh, that’s enough! You’re making me forget what I wanted to say!”

Kei got angry, raised her arms, and looked away.

After she calmed herself, she quickly started talking again.

“If the rumour with me spread, Shiina-san, then it would be harder for you to get closer to her, right?”

“I see, that’s a possibility.”

I admitted this, and then Kei stood up.

“I don’t care, whoever you want to get closer to is up to you.”