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“Isn’t it because Karuizawa-san noticed your strength, and that’s why she thinks you’re special?”

“That should not be related at all.”

“But- I don’t think that it’s as simple as just conveying your good intentions that would make someone else think you’re special.”

I shortened the distance between Matsushuta, and grabbed her shoulders.

It seemed like Matsushita didn’t expect that I would suddenly grab her, and couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

I firmly caught her gaze and said this.

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“Matsushuta, I like you. Please date me.”


Matsushita’s brain probably panicked for a moment, but I quickly released my hands.

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“If you were confessed to like this, no matter what the result was, could you ignore it?”

“It-it’s a joke, ah. So that’s how it is, so that’s how it…ah.”

If I let her experience it directly, I could make her understand what I said before without her knowing.

After being confessed to seriously by the opposite sex, as long as you were not extremely averse to them, you would be somewhat aware of them to a certain extent. This was obvious.

“I think her breaking up with Hirata was entirely a coincidence. And I only conveyed my feelings to her after they broke up anyway.”

Because I hadn’t confessed yet, Matsushita had no way to confirm the truthfulness of the sequence of things.

“… So that’s it, that’s the situation. I’m sorry I followed you.”

“I’ve got one request, my thing with Karuizawa-”

“I know. I won’t tell anyone, no matter what.”