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“Y-yea. Let’s hang out together. The more the better. Right?”

You two are being annoying! They couldn’t do anything, though, because if they tried to kick Hirata and his group out, Kushida may also be disappointed with them.

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“Wow, that’s a pretty normal answer. Why are you three whispering stealthily by yourselves?”

Karuizawa’s words were reasonable, but I was shocked that she grouped me in with them.

“Ok, here it is. I was thinking like this. If we exclude Hirata and Karuizawa, the number of boys and girls are the same. In other words, this looks like a triple date. Ayanokouji, this is your chance too, you know?”

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“Yamauchi, you’re fine with Matsushita, right? I’m going to talk with Kushida-chan.”

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“Hey, is that a joke? I’m aiming for her! We’re going to get married and give our vows under a big sakura tree! It’s fate waiting to happen!”

“Lies! I’ve thought this for a while, but all you say are lies!”

“Ha? It’s all true!”

If you believed everything that Yamauchi Haruki said, he would be a very good gamer, having been scouted internationally by pros, a national-level ping pong player in elementary school, the ace of his baseball team in middle school and unmistakably a potential future pro. What a very high-spec man.

There’s been no proof for any of his claims, though.

I didn’t know where we were going, so I stayed in the back and followed quietly.

Ike and Yamauchi were too engrossed in their fantasies, while Hirata was surrounded on both sides.

“Let me ask frankly, Hirata. Are you dating Karuizawa?”

In order to see if Hirata was his rival, Ike asked without beating around the bush.