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How to make money on online selling original underwear

“Sigh, look at Finger Games. I’m afraid we won’t be able to squeeze out anything in the short term.”

“Forget it, let them recuperate. I’ll forget about it this time. I’ll burn money with them in the next cycle.”

Pei Qian felt that this could not continue seeing no response from Finger Games.

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GOG’s summer promotional activities had to enter the next stage even if Finger Games did not react.

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Finger Games might be fearless now and would not react no matter how stimulating it was but Pei Qian still had to continue spending money for the settlement.

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Previously, Pei Qian did not set the first stage of the summer promotion event to be too far-fetching in order to take care of Finger Games’ fragile soul. He left some room.

Now, he could go all out.

It was fine if Finger Games did not follow this time. In any case, there were still many opportunities in the future.

Pei Qian quickly decided on the promotional plan for the second half of the summer promotional event.

Pei Qian sighed silently as he read the proposal.

Sigh, how hopeless.

It was like he had agreed to compete with the other party but was stood up by the other party. He could only hit the sandbag helplessly that he had praised for three days angrily.

It was hard to find a good friend!

July 8th, Sunday.