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“Who knows? Maybe we’re just not clever enough to do stuff like that?”

Saying this, Ichinose let show a small smile, to which Keisei spoke up again.

“Well, I think I get what you wanted to say to us. If rumors began to spread because we carelessly talked about Shibata’s outburst back there, it would just end up broadcasting to Class D that their strategy is working.”

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Keisei had discovered the reason why Ichinose had invited us to eat lunch together.

If Class D were to find out that their harassment had done damage to Class B, it would only end up adding fuel to the fire.

In which case, Class B would have even more to deal with than they did now. They were looking to maintain their resolve and emphasize that Class D’s tactics hadn’t had any effect on them.

“Indeed. That’s why I’d like to ask that you all do your best to keep this from spreading further.”

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“Spreading it around wouldn’t do us any good, and it’s not like we want to make an enemy out of Class B either.”

Keisei agreed, with Haruka, Akito, and Airi nodding along shortly after without the slightest bit of hesitation.

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“Thank you so much everyone. Really.”

As Ichinose thanked us, her eyes met mine for the first and only time.

At that moment, she casually brushed a strand of hair away from her face.

And then, as if carried on by the wind, a faint scent of citrus tickled my nose.

She quickly looked away, returning her gaze back to the group as a whole, and I found myself thinking that she was acting a little strange today.

Regardless, that wasn’t something I was going to point out right now.

(Part 1 End)