Work on online typing and making money?

Work on online typing and making money?

“Eh? Ah, there is. I didn’t even notice that.”

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Chiaki said that as she pressed that button unintentionally. The loading screen showed up.

Uehara-kun mumbled.

“The controls in the mobile version aren’t great, right? How high can the score be when it’s just 3 days old…”

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“Yeah, …ah, there it is. Uh, the current first place is…”

“Let me see! Let me see!”

All of us looked at the screen excitedly. In the end, the score and name above is-

< No.1 – MAI – 457 million points >


Everyone froze and fell speechless. …All of us are thinking of the same thing.

(Huh, I think I just saw one of my friends staying up all night to reach the 300 million goal…)

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After that, Chiaki suddenly laughed stiffly and clicked on her phone.

“T-Think about it, the score multiplier in the mobile version…is definitely higher, right?”

She opened the official webpage and scrolled down to the comments. However, it showed…

< The mobile version is excellent. But, the controls are terrible, and the score increases very slowly.>

< It’s still just as fun! But are there fewer enemies in the mobile version? Thanks to that, I think the score can’t be as high as the console version…>

< There are cheaters on the online scoreboard, right? MAI dominated. How could someone get a score like that?>

< Developers: We didn’t discover any cheaters at this stage. It would be our honor if the players can continue to enjoy the game.>