How to write romance novels in the Internet

How to write romance novels in the Internet

Pei Qian could not hold a candle to this level.

Pei Qian had thought about poaching Eric, but he quickly dismissed that idea.

How could someone who became a high-level executive in a multinational company be a useless bum?

The possibility was very low.

In that case, why was Eric defeated when he was put in charge of the IOI domestic server?

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Pei Qian felt that this most likely had nothing to do with his personal ability. It was mainly because of the current market situation.

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The current situation of IOI’s domestic server was beyond saving.

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Wasn’t Shang Yang Games also beaten to the ground by GOG when they were operating IOI’s domestic server? Pei Qian had to roll up his sleeves and take action himself. Lin Wan and Ye Zhizhou had racked their brains and tried their best to launch a series of marketing events, which were eventually proven useless.

The root of the failure was that IOI had already fallen behind GOG, and GOG had already occupied most of the market share in the country. Under such circumstances, even the best marketing plan could not change it’s fate.

That could not be attributed to Eric’s incompetence just like that.

What if Eric released all of his pent-up energy after he was being poached? What would he do then?

What’s more, Eric was a senior executive of a multinational company. The Dayak Corporation had the absolute advantage in terms of wages, shares, competition agreements, cultural background, and so on. The chances of them being poached away were extremely low.

Thus, Pei Qian did not plan to poach him. Instead, he had other plans.

Eric might no longer be in charge of IOI’s domestic server but he would not be left in the dust when he returned, given his qualifications and status, He would still be a high-level executive in Dayak Corporation and still have a strong say in IOI’s operations.

When he returned this time, he would definitely need to report to the upper echelons of Dayak Company. He might also be held accountable.

No matter what, Eric would definitely report everything that happened while he was in charge of IOI’s domestic server, including GOG and Tengda Corporation’s intel.