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The laptop placed on the work desk seemed to be a high-end gaming computer from Alienware. Its market price should be above ten thousand yuan.

That meant that…

A gaming computer was not enough to satisfy this boss’s needs. He planned to DIY an expensive computer with high-end configurations!

However, he doesn’t know a lot about building computers and was afraid of being scammed by those people in the electronics mall.

Therefore, he found me in the GPU Forum and gave me a 3000 yuan remuneration to build the computer!

Yes. That should be it.

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His first priority was to satisfy his gaming needs. He doesn’t want to value its fanciness over its functionality.

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Zhang Yuan processed that information quickly.

A dream configuration list. That wasn’t hard for him. He could list it out immediately and knew the exact prices for the components. However, Zhang Yuan had some other considerations.

He was unsure if he needed to please the big boss in front of him. Zhang Yuan had never considered deceiving others. Once he had prepared the configuration list, this big boss might find someone to check it first. It wouldn’t be in his favor if he deceived the big boss.

Therefore, he needed to assemble a computer with stunning configurations and ensure that the price was reasonable at the same time. He needed to make the big boss feel that he did not waste that 3000 yuan!

Zhang Yuan felt a little guilty if he took the 3000 yuan remuneration from the big boss for merely assembling a computer.

As the saying went… the more friends one had, the more options one had in life.

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After some careful deliberation, Zhang Yuan felt that he could take out 1000 yuan from the 3000 yuan remuneration he would receive and spend it on the components of the machine. In that case, he could make friends with the big boss and have 2000 yuan for himself so as to compensate for the effort that he put in.