Is there any online manual to make money?

Is there any online manual to make money?

He Desheng quickly answered, “Xude Education has made some big moves ever since it took over ‘Top Student, Come Quick’.

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“First, it forced all of its students to register for the application. The students were also asked to make their family and friends register and to log in daily. As a result, the students kept complaining.

“After that, the application was modified. Its name changed to ‘Xude Top Students’, more functions were added, Xude Education publicized their courses on it, and quick log-in options were included.

“After that, the application fell drastically. Everyone started cursing it online. I guess the staff at Xude Education must be having a headache now...”

Pei Qian had been flipping through the proposals casually. However, his eyes lit up when he heard this.

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Isn’t this the scene I have been dreaming about?

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I wanted the application to fall dramatically from grace, fail to cover expenditure, and incur losses! Pei Qian seemed to understand what was going on. There had been nothing wrong with this project that he had thought about, and there had been no problems with its operations. The only reason why it had not been incurring losses was that it had not been the right time!

Xude Education was very knowledgeable in this area. The project started incurring losses the moment they took over. How admirable! Pei Qian immediately pushed all the proposals aside. “I’ve thought about it.”

He Desheng was stunned. Then, he looked at Boss Pei with admiration and hope. “Boss Pei, you’ve only looked through the proposals for five minutes, and yet you’ve already found a reliable one to invest in? You’re so efficient!”

He Desheng could not help but hold up his thumb and praise the investment genius, Boss Pei.

Pei Qian sniggered. “Use the money to buy ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ back for me!”

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