What makes online betting plan

What makes online betting plan

When Ria and Rose tried to chase the robber,


The groans of the employee who was cut on his back, stopped their feet.

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「T-This takes priority.」

「…It can’t be helped.」

They sheathed their swords in frustration but,

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「No problem – he’s still within my range」

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I was already holding the sword in position.

Punishment for crime – can’t let such a man escape so easily.

「First Sword – Flying Shadow!」

And the slash flew through the air in a straight line,


It hit the robber directly on the back of the head and managed to bereave his consciousness safely.

The next day.

In the morning paper,「Students of Thousand Blade Academy stopped robbery!」 , the article was decorated with a photo.

It was a wonderful photo with a pair of beautiful girls, Ria and Rose, valiantly holding their swords.

And on the right back,

「S-So small…」

I, who was alert of the surroundings with my sword, looked about the size of a bean.