2017 Money Money on Home

2017 Money Money on Home

“A game called ‘Mission and Choice’ has also appeared in China. The overwhelming publicity convinced gamers who passionately support domestically-produced games that it would be our own ‘Command and Conquest’, ‘Star Ocean’ and ‘Battle of Fantasy’.”

“Everyone knows what happened after that.”

“As a result, the domestic and foreign games market walked on two completely different paths. There were all sorts of outstanding Triple-A games overseas, and domestically-produced games could not recover after that.”

“Bringing back the time till now.”

“There were a lot of negative comments after the highly-anticipated ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ was released. Fantasy Battle Remake, which was once regarded as a classic game in the history of the game, was unable to maintain its integrity. The original version was a masterpiece with a score of 9.3 points. The remake’s rating had already soared all the way to 0.7 points, and it now ranks first in reverse. It added up to exactly 10 points, which made people sigh.”

“What no one expected was that ‘Mission and Choice’, the former disgrace of the domestic games, had been remade.

“This time, ‘Mission and Choice’ is no longer a complete electronic rubbish. Instead, it is an outstanding piece of work that is comparable to all the classic games in the world. There was a flood of good reviews once it was released!”

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“We found that they have a magical connection in many aspects when comparing these two games. They cannot represent foreign games and domestically-produced games, but they can allow us to witness the changes in domestically-produced games over the years.”

“There is a very famous line in Fantasy World: No King Rules Forever.”

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“The sad thing is that this sentence seemed to have turned out to be true. The respectable games factory that had once produced Starcraft and the Fantasy Battle would one day fall from its pedestal and personally smash its own ‘top quality’ brand.”

“We are also willing to believe that in the near future, Tengda Games will lead domestically-produced games to the top with Mission and Choice and replace them!”

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Teacher Qiao’s opening statement stunned Pei Qian.

Old Qiao, I didn’t give you any money.

Do you have to go against your conscience to praise me?

Look at what you’re saying in the video. Is that human language?

No King Rules Forever? That was why the respected games manufacturers overseas would also fall off their pedestal, and Tengda Games would lead domestically-produced games to the top and replace them?

What the f*ck...?

Pei Qian did not know what to say.

‘Mission and Choice’ was just a game. What was the point of forcing it?