Online broadcasting, what is the most profitable

Online broadcasting, what is the most profitable

All of which had obviously been carefully prepared.

The wave of mobile internet was rising rapidly which affected internet entrepreneurs not only in terms of ideas but also in terms of appearance.

The big shots who were in this industry were no longer in suits and leather shoes now. All of them were basically wearing single colored t-shirts and jeans. Their hairstyles were basically straight or round, and they looked as neat as they could.

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In the eyes of investors, you would be a slovenly veteran industry insider with rich Internet experience, and in the eyes of users and bystanders, you are a down-to-earth CEO.

Of course, the so-called down-to-earth and slovenly look was just an illusion that had been meticulously created. In fact, the haircut cost more than a whole set of haircuts and hair styling and also done more frequently than girls.

Generally speaking, one should not have a mustache in the standard set of T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. That was because a mustache might give an old-fashioned and conservative impression to investors. It would not be enough for them to associate with the internet.

However, Meng Chang had no other choice. He was young and naturally looked younger. If he didn’t have a mustache, he would look like a university student or even a high school student. It would be very difficult for investors to trust him.

If Meng Chang could replace his mustache with a few deep wrinkles on his face, especially the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and the wrinkles at the corners of his mouth, he would definitely look the part. Unfortunately, he would not be able to change that.

He could trim his mustache to make up for his lack of ‘maturity’ in his image.

In short, his appearance was a detail that affected his first impression.

On the other hand, the other party’s first impression often meant that the scam, oh no, the investment would be successful.

Meng Chang was filled with confidence and anticipation for today’s interview.