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Haruka quickly grabbed the right hand of Keisei who wanted to refuse. She also grabbed my right hand at basically the same time.

“Alright, make up!”

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Saying that, she shoved our hands together, forcing us to shake them.

We didn’t prepare our hands to shake, so they just touched each other.

“If you don’t shake hands, I won’t let go, alright?”

“I know, I know…!”

Perhaps having his hand touch mine in this half-assed handshake was even more humiliating, as Keisei gave in in the end.

With that, the two of us shook hands, a symbol of our official reconciliation.

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“I’m fine with it, but Akito still doesn’t know anything.”

“Miyacchi probably won’t be a problem. I think he’ll just accept Kiyopon like normal right?”

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“…That’s true.”

Keisei thought for a bit. He quickly came to the same conclusion after thinking about his image of Akito.

“Well, everything’s back to normal. It feels we’ve taken a huge weight off our shoulders, right?”

Right~? Haruka and Airi looked at each other, both agreeing.

“In any case, you’ve become a celebrity so quickly, Kiyopon… That…”