Why is there a lot of beauty teaches money online?

Why is there a lot of beauty teaches money online?

“At the same time, it also means that what this company does has nothing to do with Tengda. Tengda just invested casually into this company.”

“What’s more, the announcement also said that Tengda indeed has a new project, but it will only start developing next month. In other words, it has confirmed that this VR game has nothing to do with Tengda.”

“Why did Teacher Qiao say that he was trying Tengda Games?”

“He must have been fooled by Slow Movement Studio, right? They told Teacher Qiao that this was a game that Tengda had invested in, and Teacher Qiao foolishly believed them.”

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“Indeed, the game that Tengda invested in is completely different from the game that Tengda developed!”

Pei Qian could not help but smile as he read the netizens’ discussions.

Hear, hear!

It was immediate!

Once this clarification announcement was released, it immediately cut off all ties between Tengda Corporation and Slow Movement Studio. What’s more, it caused the publicity effect of hiring fake reviewers to awkwardly praise the company to backfire.

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Of course, the reason why it was so obvious was because there were fake reviewers.

It was just that they had hired high-end fake reviewers who did not leave any traces.

Through this simple version of ‘raising one’s desires first’, players had already established the image of Slow Movement Studio in their hearts: loving marketing, wanting to ride on Tengda’s popularity, Tengda had cut ties with it.