Online Money Register Platform Game

Online Money Register Platform Game

Apparently, she was upset that she was the only one who didn’t get to drink, that she was left out.

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“Hey, Earth, what have you done!”

“Sheesh, that posed look, I never...”

“Hahaha, really!!”

“Earth! You shouldn’t make Amae cry!”

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“Eeeii, shut it! Humans can live without drinking water for a few weeks if they feel like it!”

“”””You looked like you were on the verge of dying!?””””

But I wonder what it is. I feel bad for Amae, but we were laughing.

“Anyway, no water today! Follow me expecting to die! Dash!”

“Damn, I’m already spent! Come on, guys!”

“Definitely, I’ll do it!”

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“Uh, what’s going to happen...”

“I, I’ll, be troubled if it gets that difficult~”

However, it was a fulfilling and enjoyable time that I couldn’t taste during the draining period.

However, the more fulfilling and enjoyable the time, the faster the time seems to go by.

At first, when I came to this country, I felt that the three months before the tournament would be long.

However, before I knew it, the tournament was just around the corner―――――

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