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It was not lunch time yet but there were still quite a number of people in the Cold-Faced Lady’s shop. About 60%!o(MISSING)f the seats in the shop were taken. It looked like there would definitely be a queue during the afternoon peak period.

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Tang Yishu looked around curiously, her eyes filled with confusion.

Everything was good, she could not see any problems.

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Before coming, Pei Qian had specifically instructed her to keep an eye on the Cold-Faced Lady and report the situation to him when she returned. She did not have to worry about not being able to understand it. There was no need for her to study it on purpose. She could just observe it based on her first impression.

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However, Tang Yishu realized that she had not observed anything weird when she first arrived at the shop.

The restaurant was quite clean and tidy. It looked like business was going well. The waiters were not as formal as other fast-food restaurants, but they still had faint smiles on their faces. They were very attentive to their customers and even had a better attitude than traditional fast-food brands.

In Tang Yishu’s eyes, this was just a normal, very profitable restaurant.

The two of them ordered some of their signature dishes and were served quickly.

Tang Yishu fretted as she ate. She could not sense any major flaws or problems in the restaurant.

Of course, it was not perfect. It was a fast food brand after all. They could not count on much on its taste, but it would definitely be passable.

At the same time, Meng Chang was waiting for investors in an inconspicuous corner of the shop.

Meng Chang looked calm on the surface, but was in fact, a little anxious. That was because they had agreed to meet at 10 PM. These investors were already a few minutes late.

All of a sudden, Meng Chang’s eyes lit up. He immediately stood up and walked towards the door.

Before long, Meng Chang and a few other investors walked into the shop, chatting and laughing.

“Boss Meng, I’m really sorry. There was a traffic jam on the way and I arrived a few minutes late. Sorry for making you wait.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright. I’m honored that you’re willing to come to my restaurant. Please don’t stand on ceremony.”

Meng Chang appeared calm and collected, as if he had everything under control. After a simple exchange of pleasantries, he began to explain the Cold-Faced Lady’s situation to everyone.

That included the results of the Cold-Faced Lady’s recent marketing plan, the preparation of the new restaurant, feedback on the new dishes, details of the various services of the restaurant, and so on.

The Cold Faced Lady brand was also continuously developing. The management model and taste of the restaurant were also continuously improving. Even if these investors had been here before, they could see obvious improvements now.